I wasn't looking...

I wasn't looking to start an herb business, really. Ever since I was a kid, I've been fascinated with plants, especially herbs. I didn't really know they had healing properties, I just liked how they looked and smelled. In 2013 I discovered an unknown weed growing in my yard and researched it. I found that a wonderfully soothing salve could be made with this weed. Chickweed Salve was my first salve I ever made and it worked wonders for my skin! That was just the beginning. I now know this "weed" is actually an amazing and gentle herb that helps with all kinds of skin issues. I was so thrilled with the results of Chickweed Salve for myself, that I started sharing with friends and family members and they loved it, too! I kept getting requests to make more and more salves to help with other minor health issues.

About this time, my youngest was 4 years old and my husband thought it was time for me to go back to work. I had been staying home from the time he was born and the idea of going back to work just didn't sit right with me. It occurred to me that maybe I could sell some of these salves and possibly some herbal teas to bring in a bit of extra money. One day when visiting a nearby farm to purchase some local handmade products from their little store, I mentioned to the owner that I was toying with the idea of making my herbal products to sell. She immediately said, "Bring me some samples!" And so, I created my herbal tea recipes, my herbal salves, designed all the packaging and it just kind of all came together somehow.

I truly believe God was with me through this entire process, leading me in my recipes and even my label designs! I finally got up the courage to take some things in to the farm store and she bought everything I had right on the spot!! She loved the products and so did her customers. We started doing craft shows and vintage pop-up markets in 2014 and now do an average of 80 per year as well as growing our wholesale business. Our online sales have increased steadily every year we and ship our products all over the world.

I truly believe people have a deep desire to step away from conventional medicine with all the harmful side effects and get back to the natural, more traditional ways our ancestors used to treat their common ailments. We desire a healthier, more eco-friendly and more affordable way to treat ourselves. I love that we help people and their families become more self-reliant in their health and I love that I get to share my love of herbs through our amazing products!

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